Amity is an Approved Stocked Distributor of Victaulic Valves and more.

Studs & Nuts

Amity carries in-stock fasteners, heavy hex bolts & nuts, and gaskets.


From Ring Joint Gaskets to Flange Isolation Gaskets, Amity carries a wide selection of gaskets for power-plant maintenance and construction.

Parts and supplies to energize your next project

Energy is essential to everyone’s daily lives, so power providers need to ensure their equipment is always operating safely and efficiently. Oftentimes, that means making sure you have the right parts ready when you need them. That’s why, after 40 years working with Alberta’s energy and O&G sectors, Amity has developed an extensive catalogue of quality parts to support the expansion and maintenance of Alberta’s  power generation industry.

Powered by quality

At Amity, we understand that reliability is critical to power providers’ success, and that means reliable components are critical to our success. It’s a point of corporate pride that we provide quality parts and brand-name product lines, supported by a team of experts that understand the needs of Alberta’s power generation industry.

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